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 Unafraid Women

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About Trina

Over 25 years of Martial Arts experience

Master Instructor in Combat Hapkido Black Belt in TaeKwonDo

 Certified Instructor in Tai-Chi

Founder / Director of the “TRU©” System – Personal Protection for Women

Internationally recognized Seminar Leader & Lecturer    

Women Empowerment / Self Defense / Personal Safety & Security

2010 Inducted in the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame

Author of the book “Legacy - Journey of a Martial Arts Pioneer” (2013)

September 2015 Feature article in Budo International magazine

2016 Appointed to the Board of Director of the “Budo Masters Council”

March 2015 feature article in TaeKwonDo Times magazine

January 2017 Cover feature Budo International magazine

2017 WHFSC - Hall of Fame “International Woman of the Year” Award

2020 Inducted in the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame - "Woman of the Year"

2020 - 200 hour Yoga Instructor Certification

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Testimonials from Our Clients

Straight from the Source

Home: Testimonials

The Women’s Seminar was my very first experience with a self defense class and it was incredible! It was fun, perfect for my first class, and I came out truly feeling more confident. I am often uncomfortable walking to and from work and school, especially since I live in Milwaukee. The simple techniques I learned will definitely help me feel more safe, aware, and alert in my everyday life. I recommend this to EVERY female out there! Wish I would have taken a class like this sooner! #liveinyellow

Olivia Seymour